Plugging the Gap – Normandy 1944

One of the first scenarios I developed for WWII Spearhead was “Plugging the Gap”. The original inspiration for the scenario came from the scenario “To the Beaches Beyond” in the “White Star Rising” scenario book but for which I did not have the figures.

The scenario is effectively an encounter between German and British forces in Normandy. As such it is in sharp contrast to the large and often deliberate attacks we read so often about in this campaign. However, the scenario provided with both a reasonable sized game and an ability to use a newly painted regiment of Churchill tanks.

I have played the scenario a few times over the years and play balance seemed very reasonable, always a difficult component of scenario design. Interestingly, soon after the scenario was originally placed on line it was played by Hans Johannsen and Steve Weiss of New York who provided comment and feedback. It was pleasing to know that the scenario designer for the original “White Star Rising” scenario book had an enjoyable time playing my own small scenario.

The Plugging the Gap scenario can be found here.



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