The following pages relate to wargaming the battles of World War II using military miniatures and the Spearhead miniatures rules system.

My interest in World War II wargaming goes back many years. However, it has only my “discovery” of the Spearhead rules system that I started building miniature armies again. Like most of my wargaming interests I have selected to build my World War II collection using 1/300th scale miniatures.

Spearhead is designed to allow the refighting of battles from brigade scale to divisional level. In Spearhead each stand represents around a platoon of infantry and between 3-5 vehicles or guns. The ground scale is 1″ = 100 yards and each turn represents between 15 to 20 minutes. 

My own collections are based around reinforced brigade organisations which when combined with Scenario System allows a typical Spearhead game to be completed in an evening. Currently my minitaure collections are based on German and British armies from the 1940 and 1944 campaigns. Forming, are Russians for 1944 as well as German, Russian forces for the campaigns of 1941 to 1942 on the Eastern Front. However, with all such things painting time is always limited…