Scenario Generation System

Spearhead is a rules systems that is designed for scenario based play. That is, players are encouraged to play scenarios where a certain tactical situation is outlined and players then allocate their resources to achieve the outcome.

The following rules and supporting material are designed to generate scenario style games games without formal scenario development. My aim was not to replace scenario games, but rather allow World War II Spearhead games, as well as Modern Spearhead games, to be played where scenario development is not possible due to time constraints or lack of forces.


One significant advantage of the system is that a player can build and use an initial army then, as his collection increases, add various additional options.

The system is designed to produce reinforced battlegroup scenarios which are playable in around three to four hours.

The Core System:

The core Scenario Generation System which includes a terrain generation system, rules for organising armies and the development of a scenarios for both World War II Spearhead and Modern Spearhead. It includes points values for several nations. The file can be found here.

1944 TOE Guidlines:

Suggested additions for the base Spearhead TO&Es as a guide for players using the Scenario Generation System to generate games during 1944. This document was originally developed for use with a series of themed Spearhead events. The file can be found here.