Four official scenario books have been published for Spearhead. “White Star Rising” covers the ever popular Western Front following the Normandy landings, while “Where Iron Crosses Grow” provides plenty of action on the Eastern Front from 1941 to 1945. For players considering North African gaming there is “Blaze Across the Sands”. Most recently “Forgotten Battles” provides a range of scenarios from the Polish Campaign to the last battles of 1945. As well as providing great games these scenarios provide inspiration on building your own scenarios.

Of the scenarios I have put together over the years a few have been recorded and are provided here. I hope they will be of use to others. These scenarios have generally been designed to be fought in an afternoon or long evening.

Battalion Advance!

British infantry are tasked with achieving limited objectives against an entrenched but outnumbered defender during the fighting in Normandy. This is an ideal scenario for those new to Spearhead as it uses limited forces on a small playing area yet requires the use of supporting troops to achieve success. The scenario can be downloaded here.

Pushing Forward

With Operation Epsom over the British infantry are tasked with slowly pushing forward capturing ground and driving the Germans back. There is no glamour here just hard fighting with small gains. The scenario can be downloaded here.

Plugging the Gap

The 12th SS Panzer Division  “Hitlerjugend” is tasked with a swift counter attack to fill a gap in the line during the battles in Normandy. Elements of the 15th (Scottish) Division however must also press forward before the Germans can recover. This scenario can be downloaded here.

Disaster at Dompaire

This historical scenario models the action between elements of Leclerc’s French 2nd Armoured Division and German Panzer Brigade 112 around the village of Dompaire in September 1944. This scenario, and historical background, can be downloaded here.